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AS yes S-A-4-50 indicates dating military us Springfield Armory April 1950

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DEFINITION: A locate simply South of Olduvai atomic number 49 northern Tanzania where Australopithecine fossils take been dating military us base dating to about 4-3.5 billion old age ago. The fossils are attributed to Australopithecus afarensis or A. africanus. Of particular interest are 3.8-jillio -yr -preceding lines of footprints left wing atomic number 49 muddy up ash, apparently past a crime syndicate of these creatures, found in 1978 past Mary Leakey. The site is part of the Same aggroup of Pleistocene and Pliocene deposits arsenic the Olduvai Gorge locate. In the upper Ngaloba beds, pit tools take been found that have been attributed to the African Middle Stone Age discernment complex, and they resemble tools found from the upper Ndutu beds astatine nearby Olduvai Gorge. Lake Condah CATEGORY: locate

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